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Remodeling 101

You’ve just moved into a new house, new place, new slay. Maybe you’ve been living in your house for some while now and you want to give your place a new look. Thing is, what’s it going to cost you?

The first thing one should do when trying to decorate is coming up with a budget. This should be more helpful rather than trying to guess what the project might cost. Start out by listing the rooms you’d like to decorate and writing the amount of money you are willing to spend on each room. Next try and make a list of items you’d like to purchase for each room. After making the list of items don’t forget to make some research on them in stores and using catalogs.

Here's the next step, we’re sure you’d like to hear this one, start saving up on other areas. You can save up in lighting, wall finishes, and rugs and accessories are areas where you can get away with spending less. You can always spend $600 dollars for a sofa or $6,000 for a sofa, but just remember that a better quality sofa will last you 20-30 years. It is better to spend a little more with something that will be used a lot; for example a sofa, a dining table or with the flooring.

Now, what rooms should you spend on more? Some designers recommend on spending more on rooms that are more public – your living room or dining room, for example. Other designers suggest spending more on places you spend most of the time. For instance if you spend most of your time in a family room rather than the living room, invest more in the comfort and durability of your family room furnishings first.

One thing to keep in mind is for how long do you plan to stay in your current home. If you’re not planning on staying in the home for long, do not invest a lot of money in custom rugs, wallpaper or other items that might not go with you when you move. Choose normal-size furniture that can work in variety of settings, and not scaled to a particular home.

Lastly, be prepared to go over budget. Even the best plans can go awry. Be prepared and include a little cushion in your budget.

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