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Kitchen Remodel

I know what your thinking, the words "kitchen" and "remodel" together sound so intimidating and expensive. It's as if your welcoming a huge project into your already busy life. Sadly for some thats the memory they have when work was last done in their home. Truth is, it does not have to be as painful as you think.

Let's start here: you already have a vision for your kitchen. Even if you can't describe it detail by detail there are things you wish you could change right away!

Many live with the struggle of "what could be" and "what is". You walk into your kitchen and wish it could be more inspiring, more vivid, more full of life. The kitchen is where memories are made, where families get together. Why live in the frustrated space of the "could be" and start bring your vision to life.

Second, create your budget. Now that you have created it, multiply it by three. Totally kidding. Budgeting is simple, create your dream list of things to be changed. Now circle the ones you "must" have. The extras can wait, even small change can bring out the best in your kitchen area. Budget what is real but don't stop dreaming. The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first. Remodeling is not a race, if you need to take it slow, go ahead. Budgeting does not have a be a huge ugly monster.

Third, enjoy your new space!

Laugh, play, and love

-Stemar Team

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