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Mold Remediation

Mold has always been around us. There are different kinds of mold, some molds can be harmful if found in excess in an indoor environment. Our normal living conditions are similar to those that mold grows in-low light, little air movement, and temperatures at 68-86ºF. Buildings that have or have had moisture problems/leaks are at a higher risk of having excessive mold. Mold breaks down organic matter and feeds on items such as carpets, wood, paper, drywall, paneling, and ceiling tiles. Prudent public health practices indicates removal through clean up (remediation) as quickly as possible to avoid risk of illness.

Once mold is discovered we proceed with caution and work closely with a certified industrial Hygienist to determine the scope of contamination and follow their recommended remediation. This procedure ensures that our work is safe, effective, and demands minimum equipment is used to find moisture in the walls. We monitor and record the moisture levels and detect areas where mold may be present. As part of the remediation process, dehumidifiers and HEPA air scrubbers are put to place to eliminate mold growth and purify the air prior to and during remediation.

We understand that you must react quickly, so we must act quickly, you must take corrective action appropriate to the situation and that you must quickly identify those conditions that could cause mold growth.

San Diego

If you discover mold in your home, don’t attempt to fix this yourself. You’ll need a trained, qualified, certified, licensed professional to eliminate the problem – Safely.

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