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Fire Restoration

Fire and smoke can damage not only your home, but also your life. If your electrical system malfunction in your business, or your fireplace decided to "puff" back and leave soot all over your home's interiors. Stemar Restoration can help, our services include:

• Fire and Smoke Restoration

• Soot Removal 

• Complete Building and Contents Cleanin

• HVAC Duct Cleaning

• Safety and Compliace

• Board up

• Restoration dry cleaning and laundry

•Pack out and inventory services

During restoration, we will take special care of your belongings that need to be stored until work is completed. We assist in the total removal of personal contents salvaged from the home to our 

24/7 Fire Emergency Response

It is reported that untreated smoke damage will cause additional damage over time. Acid residues from soot can damage or discolor plastics, fiberglass, flooring materials, metals and more. Water damage can cause structural problems such as weakened walls and floors. If molds have developed as a result of the water damage, there is a serious health risk for occupants and the mold must be remediated.

Therefore, the most economical and healthy route is to treat the smoke damage and related water damage problems immediately. At Stemar Restoration we realize that time is of the essence as related to fire and smoke damage repairs. We have the manpower and equipment to respond promptly to your immediate needs.

For a FREE Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Estimate and Consultation                     or Call Us at

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