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Water Damage


We realize nobody plans or expects to have water damage in their home or business. But when your water heater breaks, pipes burst, or heavy rains flood, you must extract water, dry, disinfect, and deodorize the affected areas. Stemar has the trained professionals and the equipment to help you.

Stemar's specially trained technicians extract the water or they put structural dehumidifiers in place to dry the area quickly, so the water is out and the restoration process can begin as soon as possible.


If is not handled properly, even a small water loss can turn into a major problem such as coverage issues, destruction of items that should not otherwise have been affected, and mold. Stemar Restoration has trained employees in water damage restoration who can tackle the job of drying out your property quickly and efficiently.


If you have had "clean water" emergency and you detect it within 24 hours, consider yourself lucky. Most of the time your property can be dried and returned to normal in less time. Water can also seep through the floor covering, down to sub-floors, wick up walls and furniture. Since wood is porous, it can "balloon" and be non-restorable; depending on how long water has been present. Stemar Restoration can detect hidden damage in your walls and behind cabinet areas. We can take care of structural issues associated with your water loss including the following:

• Remove & replace sub-floors

• Remove & replace floor coverings

• Remove & replace drywall

• Remove & replace trim/baseboards

• Remove & replace wallpaper

• Seal & Paint 

• Cabinetry Repairs

Why call different contractors for each of these items?

We are your one-stop shop!!

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